Quality characteristics of a dog-waste bag

  • Dog-waste bags are a hygienically sensitive product. Users that have had negative experiences with unsealed bags lose trust and no longer use the disposal system, or they use multiple bags to be on the safe side. The result: unhappy dog owners, more dog waste on public land, complaints and added costs.

    When you consider all this, it's worth paying more for a quality product.

    The original ROBIDOG dog-waste bags meet the toughest of requirements, meaning that dog owners can pick up after their pooches not only on dry ground, but also from grassy surfaces and lawns, where with correct application a little grass is pulled up too. To make sure that the situation doesn't end in an unpleasant surprise, we pay the utmost attention to delivering consistently high quality.

    That's why ROBI AG produces dog-waste bags according to the "mono-tube" principle. This process creates bags with just one weld seam at the bottom of the bag and thus avoids unnecessary weak points. In accordance with EN ISO 9000, all work steps are of course documented during production, the relevant parameters undergo constant monitoring and the mechanical strength values are tested on a regular basis.
    Additionally, for example, each roll of dog-waste bags has an additional bag wrapped round that can then be removed for one more manual check.

  • We do of course also highly value optimum functionality and the easiest possible handling for maintenance-area staff when it comes to our blocks of dog-waste bags. The edge of the block, which with this product usually remains as waste, is continuously welded for quick and effortless removal. The entire maintenance procedure (removal of block edges and insertion of new blocks) takes just a few seconds with ROBI AG systems!

    Detached individual bits of surrounding film from the block edge are not only a time-consuming irritation – they also represent an unnecessary contamination of the environment.


    You can trust in us – as the inventor of the dog toilet, we have over 35 years of experience in producing dog-waste bags.